Proper Pork Crackling

Proper Pork Crackling – Made in Dorset

Pork crackling has been one of Britain’s favourite snacks since the 1800s. Thrifty farmers would cook up pork skin until it became crunchy and delicious – and since then, it’s become a staple in pubs, bars, hotels and corner shops everywhere.

The team at Robert’s in Dorset are all about taking the UK’s most loved snacks and adding fantastic new flavours. Our proper pork crackling come in 11 different flavours inspired by tasty cuisines from across the world, including salt and vinegar, chorizo, Chinese five spice, spicy curry and more!

Whether you’re looking to mix up your snack options in your pub or local shop, or treat your family to something different, we supply pork crackling snacks in large and small amounts, including massive refill bags for when hungry punters can’t get enough. Our triple-cooked recipe is made fresh every week, using good, honest ingredients – you won’t find MSG or artificial flavourings in our pork crackling!

We care about the planet – so we use fully recyclable bags, so you can enjoy our crack-a-lacking pork snacks and do good at the same time.