Panko Crumb and Seasoning

Panko Crumbs, Seasoning Pots & Sauces – Made in Dorset
Discover our range of flavoured panko crumbs for adding crunch and personality to dishes, seasoning pots, and tasty sauces to add something special to your menus or home cooking. Lovingly developed by our team in Dorset, our ingredients are available wholesale to independent eateries, restaurants and homes all over the UK.
Keto Friendly Panko Crumbs
A twist on the traditional Japanese breadcrumb, our keto panko comes in 11 original flavours, catering to any and every taste. The handy shaker lid lets you coat food quickly and easily.
Seasoning Pots
Herbs and spices are the magic ingredient for any dish. Robert’s Dorset is proud to introduce our scrumptious seasoning pots, available in bulk packs. From barbecues to roast potatoes, our seasonings come in 9 different flavours, including garlic, barbecue and curry. They’re super versatile and are suitable for vegan and keto diets.
Splendid Sauces
Our brand new range of dipping sauces is truly special. The team in Dorset enlisted the help of a Michelin Star chef to develop these original recipes. Where possible, we used ingredients sourced in the UK, and really took our time developing the best tastes, suitable for vegan, keto and gluten free diets.