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We are proud to be able to offer our products to a wide range of businesses including pubs, bars, restaurants, deli's, farm shops and more. Please complete the application form and we look forward to working with you.

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    I agree with the following terms & conditions Payment options

    • 3. Net 10 day account
    • 4. Net Monthly 30 day account
    • 5. 30 day EOM account (available on request but not always granted)

    Credit accounts will be held on a net monthly 30 day account from the day of dispatch with a delivery day of up to 2 day from the date of the order being placed if placed before 2pm each day but we do aim to deliver within 1 day if placed before 2pm.

    In the event an order is placed after 2pm the delivery day could be an additional day.

    Orders can be placed Monday to Thursday for delivery of the same week.

    Orders placed on a Friday before 2pm will be processed on the following Monday unless you wish to pay extra for a Saturday delivery.

    COD & PIA

    • New accounts without a credit account will be COD or PIA only for the first 2 orders.
    • In the event you wish to open a credit account after the first two orders, satisfactory references will be required.
    • These accounts will have a credit limited equal to the average amount of your first 2 orders.
    • Net Monthly 30 day accounts. These will include weekends and bank holidays.
    • Net monthly 30 day accounts. These will be 30 days from the date of dispatch not 30 days from the start or end of each month.
    • Net 10 day account. Accounts on a 30 day net payment policy will be entitled to a discount of 2% off invoice for an early payment if paid within 10 days of the date of dispatch to included weekends and bank holidays.

    Net Monthly 30 day account.

    Accounts held on a net monthly 30 day account will have a payment day of 30 days from dispatch with delivery of good up to 2 day after an order is placed if placed before 2pm but we generally aim to deliver within 1 day. In the event an order is placed after 2pm it will be processed the following day. If an order is placed on a Friday this will be processed on the following Monday unless placed before 2PM and you wish to pay for a Saturday delivery.


    In some circumstances, new accounts ordering extremely large quantities we may put your Net 30 day account with a factoring company for the first few orders but this is rare. In the event this happens this company will write to you directly within 7 days and explain the outstanding amount of the invoice is to be paid to this company not SCT & SCT Ltd. The net 30 day account if paid within the 10 day period will still be honoured with a 2% deduction. Net 30 day EOM. Multi National accounts This account is available on request but not always granted, this account also benefits from an early payment option of a 2% deduction. This account is only available for bulk orders placed and confirmed in writing and a hard copy received 7 weeks before dispatch with a satisfactory credit check being received. The late payment re 30 days does not apply but as this is a 30 day EOM account a 5% fee will be added to any late payment. The 30 day EOM account includes weekends and bank holidays. Late payment. In the event of a late payment which is over the 30 days agreed on the terms & conditions of the net monthly 30 days account policy you will incur a late payment fee to cover any additional costs we incur due to our admin costs. This could result in an additional fee of up to 2% added to your invoice and your credit account could be closed.

    In the event of a credit account being closed you will then go back on to a COD/PIA account until we are satisfied.

    If your invoice has been sent to the factoring company please be aware they may have their own terms & conditions re a late payment and their additional charges. We do appreciate that at some times this is not avoidable to due bank holidays and other circumstances so in the event this does occur please contact our credit control team prior to this event taking place. We are more than happy to help where possible. This is also relevant if your invoice has gone to the factoring company as we may be able to help you from incurring additional charges.

    *By clicking 'Submit' you are consenting to us replying, and storing your details (see our privacy policy).

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