Proper Pork Crackling Natural
1.5L / 400g Refill Bag

From: £9.50

Triple Zero
No Sugar-no Salt-no Carbs

To do our bit for the new government legislation to reduce salt & sugar we are launching Natural.
a full-on pork flavour with our trademark crunchy crackling.
This will be available from 1st June in small batched in, 100g pots and 3L refill bags only, for the next few months until we have recyclable bags produced.
We are already taking orders from our stockist, so I would advise pre-ordering yours if this is a product for you as we will only be making 50kg a week to start with.

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  • 100% Allergen Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Gluten Free

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Proper Pork Crackling 1.5L refill bag - Natural

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Facts per 100g: Energy 2710KJ, Calories 654Kcal, Fats 54.3g, Saturated 19.37, Carbohydrates 0.0g, Sugar 0.0g, Protein 41.3g, Salt 0.0g. Not suitable for vegetarians.


Ingredients: pork Rind 100%.


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1.5L / 400g Refill Bag”